The ‘Telford Our New Town’ project has been funded by a Heritage Lottery grant and aims to bring together selected items from the Dawley Development (DDC) Corporation and Telford Development Archives (TDC) and start to widen access to these unique resources digitally.

Throughout the 1960s – 1980s the DDC and TDC produced an extensive archive such as reports, photographs and publicity materials which were deposited at Shropshire Archives in Shrewsbury.

It focusses on the following parts of the Borough:

  • Brookside/Stirchley
  • Dawley
  • Hollinswood and Randlay
  • Malinslee
  • Woodside
  • Telford Town Park and Town Centre

Volunteers have helped to select photographs and printed publicity materials from the TDC collection showing how life has developed. These have been digitised by Shropshire Archives. All of the digitised images can be viewed on the Shropshire Archive catalogue.

A selection has been added to the interactive digital table at Southwater Library, Telford where people can explore them individually or come along to monthly sessions where staff and volunteers are on hand to showcase the resources and take any memories that are inspired by them.